Warforged Warlock getting used to living in a strange world he feels distant from


Fitted with a special apparatus on his right arm that serves as a holding/channeling mechanism for his arcane abilities.
Eyes shift from a deep blue to a blood red upon entering combat.
Wearing a Doppelganger mask in an attempt to hide the fact that he is a Warforged


Originally created as one of seven identical Warforged Warriors, #7 like his brothers before him were destined to serve their master’s will. As much as he can figure, the master was a cruel and greedy man whose only desire was more power.
Each of the Titans were granted the ability to learn from their environments in order to better understand the ways of the world and the crafts and vocations that would allow them to become more efficient killers. The Titans each learned different skills in order to form a more diverse and threatening force. All of the Titans were destroyed during a raid on the Master’s keep. Titan #7 had not yet been given his full purpose (to serve and destroy). He was given a new purpose as a donated practice dummy for a Arcane College. While the Mages and Wizards honed their abilities in a calm and collected manner, the Warlocks and Sorcerers were much more cruel in their methods. They did not register that the dummy they constantly berated and barraged with their most viscous attacks and spells actually possessed a sentient intelligence and learned from the abuse it received. Through this abuse, #7 has developed a general distaste for creatures he deems cruel and unworthy of such a precious gift as life.
After a time at the college, a Arcane Master took notice of the Titan’s learning curve and became curious. Could he teach this creature to behave and function as a normal person? He immediately set to work explaining the ways of the world to the Warforged. This caused a feeling of great confusion for #7. He had seldom met someone with such compassion and understanding. It was then that he discovered that evil was not necessarily a natural disposition, but rather one learned over time and developed by anger and hate. The Arcane Master noticed that #7 seemed predisposed to a darker brand of magic and began training it as a Warlock. One he deemed that #7 had learned all he could within the confines of the college, The Arcane Master charged him with a new task: To go and seek adventure and learn about the world. So Titan #7 did that very thing, all the while wondering why his powers seemed so predisposed to the darker side of magic.


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