The Shroud In The Darkness (Rysen Ostrel)




Rysen Ostrel is the son of two wealthy aristocrats from Breakmount. When Rysen was born into his human family, it was no secret that he was different from other humans in the world. Born with a birth defect and the ability to change appearance at will, he believed for his whole life that his parents had shunned him and sold him into slavery. For over 20 years, Rysen had been a slave to a family of assassins called the Black Fist. For years he trained in the art of murder and secrecy. The trials were grueling and bloody. It seemed as though the assassins had been training Rysen for a sole purpose, the eradication of a bloodline, the Ostrel bloodline. More than happy to oblige, knowing that his family had not wanted him, he began to track down his blood, hunting them one by one. It was then, that he became known as “The Shroud In The Darkness.” For some time he hunted, until he came across a group of travelers. The travelers were an interesting group of souls, all possessing different skill sets. Seeing as they possessed these skills, he came to the conclusion that he should travel with them, using them to his advantage for tracking his family. After months with the group, he had come across a lead. His sister (___________) was in a nearby town, giving him an opportune moment to spring an attack. When the moment came, Shroud’s heart could not find the ruthless emotion to strike the final blow. It was then that Khoresh, a fellow assassin, had come to do what they suspected Rysen would not be able to. After fighting off the assassin, Rysen held his dying sister in his arms for one final moment. In this moment, she brought the truth to light, changing Rysen’s blood-thirst for his own blood, to the blood of the Black Fist. The history that Rysen had known was all a lie. His parents had never given him up willingly, their lives had been threatened, as well as the lives of his entire family. Rysen, now on the hunt for his formal mentors and brothers, is also on the opposite end of the hunt, becoming the prey as well as the predator. The Ostrel secret was never supposed to be brought to The Shroud’s attention, now that it had been, a grizzly war was about to break out. While seeking out leads with his present party, the mission became more complicated when they had come across a set of stones, “The Stones of Valor.” Granting the user with near unlimited power, these stones could turn any normal adventurer into a god-like wrecking force. It was clear that The Shroud needed to accompany his fellow party members in their endeavors if they were to help him with his own. His mission is not only to seek out and eradicate the Black Fist, but also to defeat an evil dragon known as Balgrim the Black.

The Shroud In The Darkness (Rysen Ostrel)

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